Improving the Quality of Life in Individuals Fighting Pulmonary Diseases

The EXOS Experience

Aug 24, 2015 | Uncategorized

Have you ever wanted to see what its like in a MLB locker room before a game? How about before a game against their arch rivals who they are fighting with for 1stplace? Talk about an intense, focused driven club house.  Now imagine walking through the club house hallway with years of history plastered all over the walls, passing by the manager’s office who is sucked into a trance as he creates a lineup that he believes will put his team in the best position to win based on stats of the other team. Then stumbling into the realm of the medical staff prepping players to go into battle that night against a team that is red hot and they just got back from a two-week road trip, engines running on no sleep and a screwed up awareness of time because they have been in three different time zones and slept on more beds than the local mattress has for sale.

Now transplant that clubhouse all over the World and you have EXOS. The same quality of professionalism and over 15 years of success.

    Quality always trumps quantity and here are 3 reasons why I believe EXOS keeps their quality high while increasing their quantity at such a successful rate.

Environment:  From the day I walked in the doors to the day I left each employee either smiled or said hi. They brought a sense of warmth to the facility that showed you they cared and wanted to help you feel comfortable and welcomed. It is like when you w alk into a kindergarten classroom and everyone greets you with smiles and warmth.

 Teachers: Knowledge gives you nothing without the ability of a coach to interact and express that knowledge in a way that you can retain it. EXOS not only is very knowledgeable in their field but knows how to customize their cueing based on each athlete and individual. Any coach can get their client to train but can you train your client with little to no coaching?  EXOS can and kills it at this! Community: Dan John has expressed the importance in creating an intentional community in his book “Can You Go?” and how it keeps you accountable and brings things out of you that you never thought you could accomplish. EXOS is a product of that and during my 3 week stay, they played numerous games throughout the week to not only increase the awareness that fitness is fun but more importantly for their clients to interact with each other on a level that isn’t so structured. It makes it so much easier to talk to a cute woman while playing volleyball then out at the bar, plus a lot cheaper!!

 More on Dan Johns Book “Can You Go?”

EXOS has created an achievable dream with an environment that is splattered with happiness. They work with/created a team of passionate coaches who not only empower their clients but know how to coach them on a level that is comfortable and do able for their clients. Most importantly they built the biggest, baddest, raddest (stole this from Dan/Josh Hillis) intentionally community all over the World!

Create that and you will have created your own EXOS Experience!

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