Breathe Easy PROGRAM

 5-Week Workout Program

Program Overview

Program Length: 5-weeks

Training level: All Fitness Levels 

Frequency: 3 workouts a week

Duration: 20-30mins

Equipment Needed: Body weight, no equipment needed. 


What’s included in the program?

Access to clear and detailed videos, accessible from your phone, tablet, or computer.  

Easy exercise tracking to allow you to track your progress.

Alternate exercise to allow you to progress and regress your workouts.  

Access to our extensive exercise library.  

Exercise tips to increase your performance.

E-Book Three Keys to a Successful Workout Program

Access to the Pulmonary Performance Coaches when you have any questions or need help. 


The Breathe Easy Training Program is designed to help you improve your breathing patterns and move easier. This training program will guide you through respiratory training exercises that help improve ribcage expansion and reduce upper and lower body stiffness. Improving your ability to get air into the lungs gives your body the opportunity to better utilize oxygen for your brain, muscles and other vital organs that utilize oxygen. This in turn can help reduce fatigue, decrease respiratory distress, and provides you with the opportunity to take on more tasks, increase mental and physical health, and boost your overall quality of life. This program is built for you to move better, breathe easier and establish a new base of support to allow you to accomplish anything in your life. 






This program was great for strengthening my core and giving me the foundation to hike up hills and hit golf balls without getting tired or having any low back pain.”

– Molly Pam


I love having an entire work out focused on my core not only to help strengthen the muscles for my breathing, but it also great for many GI issues I have related to CF! It’s a nice balance between strength and stretch. Despite my low lung function and currently being on the transplant waiting list, I’m still able to do these exercises and feel the positive effects of doing them! I love Taylor’s passion and knowledge with exercise related to CF, and this program does not disappoint!

– Jennifer Bleecher


I found the movement fundamentals in the Core Strong Program to be great essentials that work for anyone from beginner to incorporating into an advanced program. I think we often discount many important breathing techniques and core strength building blocks that really make a foundation of any quality routine. By taking the time and focusing on the exercises in this program I can say that, even with 15+ years of fitness experience and making my own routines, I see great value here.”  

– Reuben Samuels




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