Millions of people suffer from respiratory diseases each day. Each year, over 154 thousand people die from a respiratory related disease. Today could be the day someone takes their last breath. You can help change that. Please, help support the fight against respiratory diseases by donating today.

The Pulmonary Performance Institute (PPI) was founded to help improve the quality of life and health in individuals fighting pulmonary complications. Each year, medical costs rise, and some spend over $16,000 in medical care. It is common to spend numerous weeks in the hospital, spend countless hours performing respiratory treatments, and take upwards of 40 pills a day just so they can breathe a little easier and battle through another day.

They need our help!  

Our mission at PPI is to use every dollar donated to give individuals fighting a pulmonary conditioning an opportunity to fight their condition through exercise. PPI has done extensive research and spent countless hours advancing exercise approaches in pulmonary diseases. Every dollar donated will go to help us create individualized exercise programs that help improve lung function, strength,endurance and most importantly, improve overall quality of life in our neighbors who are battling a pulmonary related condition. With your help and support we have been able to help over 100 people and have spent hundreds of hours talking with and helping people on their exercise journey. We couldn’t have done it without you. 

Thank You For Your Support!




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