Our Mission

The Pulmonary Performance Institute’s (PPI) goal is to help people who are fighting a pulmonary disease by improving their quality of life through exercise.

Through our own research and in collaboration with other professionals (e.g., doctors, physical therapists, nutritionists, researchers, etc.), we believe that we can enhance the exercise training approaches for individual’s exercising with a pulmonary condition.

Exercising is an essential component to one’s quality of life, and we know how challenging it can be to simply put together one type of program or routine. At PPI, we aim to design programs by incorporating movement and exercise training techniques that have been backed by research and are specifically geared to increase strength and endurance abilities for individual’s with pulmonary diseases.

The combination of science and exercise application are key in the development and understanding of what fits best for each individual.We understand that everyone is different and that everyone has unique goals. Our mission is to help facilitate your understanding of what type, duration, and frequency of exercising best fits you and your lifestyle, in order to help you create a program that you would like to accomplish to ultimately improve your quality of life.

“Your disease doesn’t define your character


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