Breathe Easy Program

5-Week Workout Program | All Fitness Levels


  • Improve Ribcage Expansion
  • Improve Breathing Mechanics 
  • No Equipment Necessary
  • E-Book Three Keys to a Successful Workout Program

 Core Strong Program

5-Week Workout Program | Basic to Intermediate Levels

  • Stronger abdominal muscles
  • Increased respiratory endurance & performance
  • No equipment necessary
  • Access to full PPI exercise library




During the coronavirus pandemic, finding ways to exercise on your own at home is more important than ever for CF patients. This is a great way to help people with CF stay active when other options may not be available.”

– Kathryn Funderburk

Being a rather fit CFer to start, I wondered how PPI’s training would feel: would it be too easy, would it be too hard? Well, it was just right!! I thoroughly had a great time with each workout. I feel so much stronger and I can tell my endurance has improved, which was my main goal! Each workout is so seamlessly laid out so I could easy complete it every time. Taylor is unbelievably helpful and responsive and you can tell he genuinely cares about how we are doing and helping us achieve our goals! I would recommend this program to any CFer to truly feel the benefits of fitness in an accessible and easy to achieve way!

– Chelsea Spruance

Thank you so much for this program. I really feel stronger, healthier and happier!!!”  

Kristin Dunn





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