Summer Sport Performance Program

June 14th – August 16th

(9 weeks)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

10 – 11:30 AM

The Strength and conditioning curriculum places a high priority on skill technique, athletic coordination, balance, relative strength, optimal overall strength, education, nutrition, and good ole fashion fun. Athletes need to move in various directions and do it with good overall relative strength and precision. This program will help establish your son or daughter’s athletic foundation for improved performance, injury prevention, and long-term enjoyment of sports participation. Athletes will also have access to workouts via the PPI online exercise app they can do at home if they miss a workout or want to add an extra day to their training.

Strength Training Phase Schedule:

Phase 1: 3-week Block

Phase 1 is the weeks of refining patterns of fundamental movements. The deadlift, squat, and various power movements are critical in the progression of any athlete who wants to compete at the highest level. We will break down fundamental strength movements and educate each athlete properly.

Phase 2 and 3: 3-week blocks

Training will focus on sport-specific strength training, with each athlete receiving the instruction to enhance strength and performance in his respective activity. Programs are progressive and will challenge each athlete in various strength movements and specific agility drills to improve linear and lateral movement. 

Program Overview

    • Duration: 9- weeks
    • Frequency: 3 workouts a week
    • Time: 90-minute workouts
    • Age: 13-18 years of old
    • Level of Experience: Beginner to Advanced
    • Location: Line Drive Baseball, San Rafael, CA
    • Weekly access to PPI’s performance coaches


Exercise App

    • Smart Phone or Computer
    • Exercise Videos and Instruction
    • 2 Extra Workouts a week
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A Glimpse Into Training 

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1009 2nd Street

San Rafael, CA 94901




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