Exercise Consults

Exercise Consults are individualized appointments with an exercise physiologist. The exercise physiologist will answer any exercise related questions that you have. We currently do not give out nutritional advice, and recommend you talk with your clinical dietician.

The calls will last 20-30 minutes long.


One of the hardest parts about training is finding a program that best fit your goals based on your life and career. PPI’s online training programs are developed based on the person, what they are trying to accomplish. Cookie cutter programs that are given out to multiple people will not effectively help you reach your goals, because everyone is different. Everyone has different goals, everyone is built differently, and no one lives the same life. At PPI we set up an initial exercise consultation to talk with you to see what you like to do and
where you are trying to get. Our goal is to better understand who you are, so we can help you on your exercise journey. All our online programs are customized based on the individual and their medical history. Throughout the training we set up check ins to go over your program. This allows us to update it based on how you are doing. The programs come with videos and descriptions of the exercises to give you the ability to look back through the exercises and self-correct accordingly. The goal is to get to the point where you do not need us anymore, and you feel confident that you can put together your own workout routine based on your goals.

What the program consists of:

Pre and Post Testing

4-Week Program

Exercise Coaching Support

Exercise Videos

Online Training Overview

We will set up a 30-minute consultation. After the consultation we will send you a questionnaire pertaining to your past training history, medical history, your goals and how much time you have to commit to your training. From there we will have you send us postural photos, a video of you walking, as well as some pre muscular endurance and strength test. Once we have looked at all the information, we will put together a program that address your goals; this could include soft tissue work, postural and respiratory control exercises, dynamic flexibility, stability and/or mobility exercises, strength, endurance and  cardiovascular training. Once you have received your program we will set up a phone conversation to go over it. After the first week of completing the program, we will set up another phone conversation to make any adjustments needed and then check in on the 4 th week to see how everything is going.

Speaking engagements

Are you interested in having PPI present at your next conference or meeting? With experience in both exclusive and public event presentations, PPI will provide your audience with research, technology and influence like no other organization. 

For more information and to inquire about booking, contact us.


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