Improving the Quality of Life in Individuals Fighting Pulmonary Diseases

3 Keys to Training

Nov 4, 2015 | Uncategorized

Success is an intangible feeling that doesn’t come with money or fame, but an internal emotional feeling we get when we believe we have created a positive impact in a sustainable way. Whether that’s helping a client lose the famous “ten pounds” they have long been battling or even helping a friend stay on course with their fitness regiment.

As a strength coach for over 9 years I have learned to justify success on the impact that you make on the client or student during the presence of time, which if done right turns into an alteration of one’s life that could yield priceless positive changes. In order for that to happen I believe you need the 3 keys.

Passion, Patience and Belief

Passion stems from the Latin root “pati” “to suffer, endure,”

           Everyone is suffering in the World of fitness and its our job as coaches to suffer with them. We need to understand how to help internally and externally. What we tend to not understand is people want to lose ten pounds not for themselves but for people to look at them different. For there husband or wife to touch them more, not because ten pounds is the optimal weight to get them in the “healthy zone” whatever the hell that means but because they want someone to truly care about them.

“No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care”, brings clarity to any and everything we should strive to do and be.

Patience stems from the Latin root “patientia “to endure, humility”

        Humility brings us clarity and clarity gives us the ability to endure the process. Each day there is a new fad or gimmick which shines bright the obscured ideas that we can lose 10lbs of fat in a month on an all natural diet along with multiple supplements that when listed have nutritionist scratching their heads. Clients are suffering and trying to find an easy way to success when
we all know success is an uphilPatience Picl battle. We must endure with our clients and when they reach a peak or valley it shouldn’t be a roller coaster of emotions but a positive uphill trek, even when it doesn’t look as if the direction they are heading is in the right direction but your belief in them gets them to endure which creates opportunities for possibilities.

Belief stems from the Latin root “cred” “to believe”

        If you were to sit in front of mirror and say “I Believe”, “I Believe”, “I Believe” over and over again, it latches on to your soul and that internal connection between you and all those dreams you once had as a kid. Your clients are looking to Belief Picfind their lost dreams and belief in them brings personal records to the surface that have been wandering the depth of sea like a lost ship for years.  Doubt is lifted from the skies; life is reborn just because the fact you believed in them. So they endure the suffering of boring lifts over and over with the patience because they believed in you and then at the highest peak they shattered any thought of doubt because you helped them reach that internal emotional feeling of accomplishment that would not of happen if you hadn’t endured with them.

Training is an opportunity to find the lost, help the willing and bring peace to internal wars, but must be accomplished with the ability to find Patience, Passion and Belief in each client everyday you both step into the gym.

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